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100% Risk Free | ERC Guaranteed
Trust In a SUNRISE That Brightens Your Future

ERC is up to 7x your PPP1


Our ERC Specialists Qualify You for All Six Quarters, Unlike Others. Sunrise Business Solutions brightens your ERC with more money, full protection and peace of mind unlike any other Specialist.

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100% Risk-Free


What is the Employee Retention Credit?

Created by the CARES Act, the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is an economic stimulus program that rewards 99% of all businesses (essential and non-essential) for retaining employees on their payroll W2s, implemented safety measures, or experienced COVID-related disruptions or government-imposed restrictions throughout the pandemic in 2020 and 2021 can qualify for ERC.

We Know How You Qualify.
We Guarantee It!!!

ERC provides up to $5,000 per employee for 2020, and up to $7,000 per employee for each of the first three quarters of 2021.

Businesses can receive up to $26,000 per employee and 99% of all businesses can qualify for this program.

ERC is a greater incentive than PPP because you are not required to use it for business expenses. It is yours to keep.

Many business owners are prematurely disqualifying themselves from ERC because of misinformation, rumors, or lack of understanding. Whether you have already reviewed ERC for your business or if you are doing so for the first time, we encourage you to contact us today to learn how Sunrise professionals can ensure you are receiving the most from this ERC cash incentive. QUALIFY in Just 60 Seconds!!

We 100% Guarantee you get the money and keep it too.

SUNRISE Business Solutions is your Greatest Advantage in Guaranteeing your ERC Success.

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ERC is Greater than PPP

45% - 600% More Money Than PPP1

ERC is Yours To Keep Profit

Cash Refund Rewarding YOU for Retaining Your Employees

Spend ERC On Family

No requirements to spend it on your business, unlike PPP

Qualify for your ERC before the quarter ends!

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How Businesses Qualify for ERC

We Know How You Qualify
All 6 Quarters Guaranteed

Supply Chain
Group Gathering
Vendor / Customer
Full or Partial
Jobsite / Customer
Work From
Home Orders

We have All The Government Orders

Our ERC Specialists Qualify You for All 6 Quarters, Unlike Others.

ERC 100% Guaranteed by Berkshire Hathaway

We Are the Only Specialist with Insurance to Guarantee Your ERC a Success
Your ERC is 100% Guaranteed and Risk-Free

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Best Price Guaranteed

Our clients save $10-50k with US
Others charge much more

FULL Transparent Audit Report Guaranteed

Only ERC specialist giving clients All the government orders and ERC calculations in our full, audit-ready, due-diligence report of 100+ pages. Accuracy guaranteed.  

Free Analysis Guaranteed

We confirm & guarantee your qualification before starting the process. Qualify Now in 60 seconds guaranteed!!!

Maximum ERC Amount Guaranteed

Get 30%-100% more ERC than our competitors. Our ERC specialists qualify you for all 6 quarters, unlike others. See why other professionals refer their clients to US

Lifetime Audit Protection Guaranteed

Just like PPP Paycheck Protection Program, there is a 5 Year IRS Audit Statute for ERC too and all other government incentives. Our Clients ERC are fully covered by Berkshire Hathaway Insurance in the chance of an audit.

Compliance Guarantee

IRS Circular 230
Ask US how WE comply, unlike others. This compliance helps ensure you avoid an audit. 99% of others don't comply. The IRS is aware of those that do not follow this & it exposes their clients to audits, sanctions, fines, & penalties. We got you covered.

We also Guarantee making this Quick & Easy

Call US to help you download your payroll files and complete your intake form all in less than 6 minutes while on the phone with us and That's It.

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Choose SUNRISE and Get Your FULL 100+ page ERC Report
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What Makes US Different

  • WE Protect YOU | With US Your ERC is 100% Guaranteed backed by Berkshire Hathaway
  • Get More ERC Money | We Know How You Qualify for All 6 Quarters
  • Get Your FULL Docs | Your Full 100+ page Detailed Report of All Your Government Order and Calculations
  • 150+ 5 Star Google Reviews | Others have None


Sunrise Business Solutions is here to light your path to success. We are the fastest within 1-3 days.


SUNRISE is the only specialist to provide professional error & omission insurance for your ERC protection, thus guaranteeing your ERC a success.


Eliminate the risk factor and choose us to protect you for peace of mind.


Sunrise is your ERC Solution with Integrity, Accountability, and Transparency.

100s of 5 Star Google Reviews:


Protect your business with the Sunrise Incentive.


We are the only company that provides a COMPLETE due diligence package with all the government orders and the calculations to you.

How to Choose an ERC Specialist

Experts in government incentives
FULL guarantee backed by insurance
Confirms & guarantees your QUALIFICATIONS
Experts in getting clients all 6 quarters
5-Star Google reviews - client success stories
Provides clients with all the deliverables
Provides clients a copy of all their government orders showing how they qualify
Provides clients a copy of all their ERC calculations
Provides best price guarantee
Complies with IRS Circular 230
ERC money delivery
SUNRISE Business Solutions
Other ERC Specialists, CPAs, ADP, PAYCHEX
Many of our competitors will deposit Your IRS checks in their accounts and wait 45-60 days to send clients their money

Our Professional & Government Affiliations

We keep in the know of this ever-evolving industry. We’re proud members of the following:


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Meet Our Team

Speak to a SUNRISE Expert Now!!!

Our Clients' Success Stories

Millions in ERC Money for our clients



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Highest Reviewed ERC Specialist
150+ 5 Star Google Reviews


Dazni Christopher

I pride myself on being skeptical, especially when the value proposition is 100% risk-free. However, I was able to confirm and be pleasantly surprised by the offer Sunrise Business Solutions very soon after I first contacted them. Starting with the ERC qualification process, businesses are able to check the amount of ERC money they can receive without paying for the service. We felt that they truly work for the business owner and understand the struggle and complexities. To that end, they have created a risk free employee retention credit service for all us business owners.


Emma Isabella

The team at Sunrise Business Solutions are very knowledgeable about the ERC grant rules and application process from start to finish. After our free consultation, they had us set up with an expert who made sure all our requirements were complete. The result was more than $650K and we knew exactly what would happen at each stage. Report with ALL the information you need plus more. I highly recommend Ravi and the team at Sunrise Business Solutions if you are looking for help with government grants. I have worked with many CPAs, attorneys and other professional service providers over the years and Sunrise is by far the most responsive, knowledgeable and trustworthy group I have come across. They worked with me to help understand the rules and got the maximum credit we could, all with very little time commitment required from my side.


William Mary

Before choosing Sunrise Business Solutions, we addressed two other providers to support us with ERC claims, but we were not satisfied by the quality of service and protection that they provided. Each of the companies wanted to charge us a huge amount but the services that they provided were not even equivalent to Sunrise which does so much more for their clients. They also couldn’t 100% provide us with the information we needed to ensure our claim would be accepted. On the contrary, our experience with Sunrise Business Solutions was truly exceptional. What made us choose Sunrise Business Solutions as the most suitable service office for us was the fact that they 100% guaranteed us full protection backed by insurance from Berkshire Hathaway. Thanks to the professionalism of Sunrise’s team, we managed to get the ERC money from the government and invest it in our business.


Tracy S.Lee

There is a level of professionalism and respect that the Sunrise Business Solutions team showcases that is hard to find nowadays. As a larger company with lots of employees, the amount of money Sunrise was able to secure for us is quite significant…millions. We received full support and clear instructions on all matters of the process and were able to move forward without delays. The team is super respectful, and the line of communication remained open for all questions and concerns we had. And while these elements speak to the level of service from a human standpoint, the end results matters just as much. Zero risk guarantee, full protection and transparency every step of the way. Sunrise Business Solutions are more than just ERC Specialists but also specialists at making it risk free. Bravo!


Leo Axel

When someone asks me for a recommendation with Employee Retention Credit, I tell them to call Sunrise Business Solutions. They're the best in the world at what they do, your ERC is guaranteed and they're always willing to go above and beyond to help me and my clients. The first time I called them was nine months ago, after we had gone to another company and were shopping around for a better deal. didn't have any idea what we were doing, so we called Sunrise Business Solutions—and boy are we glad we did! From the first moment we knew this was a 100% risk free operation and they over delivered on every promise made. It was so easy! And getting those ERC checks from the IRS feel pretty great as well. It's all thanks to you. I always recommend Sunrise Business Solutions—they know their stuff inside and out!


Penelope Michael

Communication is top notch from start to finish. We got a referral from our CPA and felt instantly like we were in good hands. They take an overly technical and time-consuming project for businesses to handle and make it simple. When you don’t know what you don’t know, it is best to turn to the pros. Sunrise Business Solutions are true professionals in every sense of the word. To date, we have received more than 600k through our ERC claim and there is more coming. Running a check to see if you qualify is FREE and no risk and your ERC is guaranteed by them, so I would recommend to everyone.


Geraldine J. Swann

Receiving the Employee Retention Credit grant money was a very important goal for us and our business after such a difficult financial year. At Sunrise Business Solutions we found people we could trust, with experience and specialised knowledge to make this process guaranteed and risk free. We understood that they were focused on achieving our goal and were moving forward with that in mind. Of course, we also appreciated their honesty. They did not give us false hope but told us from the outset what we were entitled to and that is what we ultimately got. The fact that we received this money was a breath of relief for us and we owe that to Sunrise Business Solutions. Also, the fact that the process went smoothly and calmly once again we owe that to Sunrise. Thank you!


Samantha S. Willman

I was referred by one of your existing clients. I am so excited and happy. I have been running my own business for over 25 years. After trying to do it myself, I realized turning to the professionals will be much easier. It is such a relief. Sunrise Business Solutions are the best of the best. They have made this experience great. They explained the entire process so quick and in detail and answered all my questions and more. The result was what I needed. Thank you for the big due diligence report.


Tiffany Emma

Sunrise Business Solutions has been an invaluable Employee Retention Credit resource for my accounting company. We have been able to refer all my clients to them. They are true experts at what they do. The team there is always willing to go the extra mile, even if it means staying late or meeting with clients outside of normal business hours. They're flexible, friendly, and professional—I highly recommend them as my clients are all very happy and moreso because they have gotten my clients millions of dollars in ERC!


Brinda Young

The Sunrise Business Solutions team are the best of the best in Employee Retention Credit provider space. They have made this experience great. They explained the entire process so quick and in detail and answered all my questions and more. Even though my CPA said I didn’t qualify, I still felt like I had to check and I am so happy as SUNRISE knows this to perfection. Now my CPA is referring all his other clients to SUNRISE especially because they provide a full service with no risk and 100% guarantee.


Robert Hernandez

We reached out to Sunrise after dealing with a different provider. The difference between the two was night and day. Starting with the customer service, this is a company that treats you like one of your own. No overpromising and under delivering. All members of staff provided outstanding guidance on the qualification process, the actions we need to take and the expected outcome. They follow up at all times and have truly become a trusted partner of ours. If you are looking for support with getting your employee retention credit, I couldn’t imagine turning to anybody else. Thanks again!


Herbert Marcus

What can I say about Sunrise that hasn’t been said before? They were a HUGE help through the entire ERC process making it so simple for us. There is no way we could have navigated the labyrinth of the filing process and figuring out what we needed without them. Two words to describe them: fast and efficient. You truly feel taken care of when you reach out to them. Professional advice, that gets the job done. The ERC money we received was a lifesaver and it wouldn’t have been possible without them.


Grant Wyona

I, personally, would like to express my gratitude to ERC Guaranteed, Sunrise Business Solutions. In such a time that we are experiencing socially and economically, the team at Sunrise looks at everyone with humanity and understanding of the problem and how important this employee retention credit is to all us business owners and ensuring us we are to get the maximum possible we are entitled to and at the same time making it 100% guaranteed and risk free. In my case, their main goal was to achieve the ERC grant for my business, which I have toiled to keep alive. Beyond that, however, I admired the level of humanity of the employees, who are willing to help to the maximum. Regardless of the outcome of the application, (note that it was successful for all 6 quarters) everyone should know the excellent treatment they will receive when they visit Sunrise Business Solutions.


Kenneth I. Longenecker

I refer all my clients to Sunrise Business Solutions for the employee retention credit and have not once gotten a complaint and only gratitude from my clients. They're experts at what they do, and they know how to get the job done right. I've been working with them for the past year and they've always delivered on time, every time—even when we're under the gun. There's nothing they can't do, so if you're looking for help with government incentives and ERC, these are the guys to turn to 100%!


Dwight Felix

Not every CPA can do this job for you! We had our CPA tell us we were disqualified and when we jumped on a call with Sunrise we were told we actually qualify in numerous ways. All of this within minutes of sending through some basic info and a phone call. And this wasn’t just a promise. We have received more than $500,000 of ERC grant money already. More than 33 employees qualified. I will be using their services again on matters of government incentives and other grants. They absolutely know their stuff and share that information in a way that is easy to understand.


Patricia Grayson

In these challenging times, businesses can’t afford to leave money on the table. When we looked at providers that could support us with ERC claims, Sunrise Business Solutions stood out among the rest and we couldn’t be happier to have made that choice. From start to finish, the process was simple, straightforward and transparent. They went above and beyond to not only maximize our ERC tax credit but explain everything that goes into the process and show the exact steps we needed to take. Would 100% recommend. Thank you Ravi and team. You truly know your stuff.


Bonnie Melanie

I was so stressed and confused about the procedure that I needed to follow in order to receive the ERC. A friend of mine suggested Sunrise business solutions to me, and I am truly grateful about that. The service was absolutely great. Kind and professional team that listened carefully and gave me straight and simple information so that I get the whole picture. Besides that, I could reach them anytime I had questions or just worries about the procedure. Thanks to Sunrise I managed not only to receive a substantial amount of Employee Retention Credit but also to have the whole process done quickly and without any stress unlike the PPP. And for this I owe a big thank you to the impeccable service of Ravi and the whole Sunrise Business Solutions team.


George J. House

I reached out to Sunrise Business Solutions after I heard my boss talk about the ERC grant and how our CPA said we didn’t qualify, which put her in a tough spot and stressed her out re: staff cuts. Needless to say, the whole team is still here and I am her new favorite person. Quick response and knowledgeable people. They are able to provide both technical and business advice. In the end, I know our company got the ERC grant money we desperately needed. With one phone, they were able to help in every way imaginable. Very polite, responsive, risk averse, and solution oriented.

Our EASY 4-Step Process

Step 1

Risk-Free Assessment
Data Gathering

Upload using our Secure Portal
(Your 941 returns, Payroll Summaries', Intake form that includes PPP & Revenue details)

Step 2

Calculation & Qualifications

As per your data and industry SUNRISE's proprietary system strategically calculates your ERC

Step 3

Full Audit-Ready Due-Diligence Report 100+ pages
The Application - Amending Returns

Report includes all Government Orders and Full Calculations
We prepare and file the Application (The New 941-X)

Step 4

Receive the ERC money

The IRS will process your ERC and mail a check for each quarter.
6 Quarters

Ready to get started?

Employee Retention Credit FAQs

We Specialize in Risk Elimination for Our Client. We Protect You.


  1. 100% Risk Free.
  2. 100% Guaranteed backed by Berkshire Hathaway Insurance for Our Clients ERC
  3. 100% Qualify For All 6 Quarters Guaranteed
  4. Get Your Full 100+ Page Due Diligence Report of All Your Calculations and Government Orders
  5. 5-Star Google Reviews – We have the Most Reviews than All other ERC specialists combined

SUNRISE specializes in the Employee Retention Credit. As part of every engagement, we analyze your eligibility for both 2020 and 2021. We optimize your claim and help you remain compliant by preventing double-dipping with other tax credit programs. Moreso, we are the only specialist who provides clients with a full due diligence report consisting of 60-100+ pages of all your government orders and all your full calculations, and all this comes with our complete 100% guarantee unlike any other further backed by Berkshire Hathaway’s error and omission insurance for our clients’ ERC.

YES, PPP Borrows can Now get ERC.

ERC is also a better incentive than PPP. Typically 45% - 600% More Money.

Your business can now have PPP1 & PPP2 and ERC, however, special calculations around payroll wages and attribution are required as you cannot double-dip into the same payroll calculations. SUNRISE Business Solutions account when processing your ERC credit to optimize your ERC amount and is the only ERC specialist that provides these calculations and all required schedules to their clients in addition to all government orders too. 

SUNRISE gets You More ERC than both your PPPs combined.

On Average All of our Clients who received PPP have received More in ERC with US.

Get More ERC with US

We Make It Easy

60 Seconds to Qualify and 6 Minute Intake process to download all your payroll files. We Make it Easy.

After processing millions and soon billions in ERC we have perfected our process and qualifying to ensure your time is well spent and kept at a minimum. Our ERC process only requires a short 6-minute call with you to confirm your questionnaire responses, pull down payroll reports, and email you

Qualify Now

See More FAQs

Apply NOW for the Employee Retention Credit

PPP Borrowers Can NOW Do ERC

Sunrise Business Solutions's EASY 4-Step Process

  1. Risk-Free Assessment
  2. Certification of Qualifications
  3. Delivery of your full audit-ready Due Diligence report
  4. Receive the ERC money



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