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Claim ERC in Florida

Employee Retention Tax Credit for Florida Medium & Small Businesses

Get ERC services now! Sunrise Business Solutions | ERC Guaranteed shines a light on ERC and guarantees your participation in the program. We Know How You Qualify, and we guarantee It !!!

We are experts in government orders and mandates and have the support to qualify you.

What is the Employee Retention Credit?

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) was put in place by Congress with the CARES Act, which also created other stimulus programs. It rewards 99% of essential and non-essential businesses for keeping their employees on the payroll and following safety measures to combat the COVID pandemic. If your Florida business experienced a full or partial shutdown or a decline in revenue, you qualify!

The ERC tax credits are worth up to $5,000 per employee for 2020 and a staggering $7,000 per employee for each of the first three quarters in 2021.

Businesses in Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando can get up to $26,000 per employee. 99% of all businesses qualify for this tax credit!

ERC is a better stimulus program than PPP—you can use it on anything you want. It’s YOUR MONEY! We have helped our clients get ERC credit that is  3 -7 times the PPP1 they got!

Don’t prematurely disqualify yourself from claiming ERC for Florida businesses because you don’t understand the program, or your CPA isn’t familiar with it. 99% of Florida businesses are eligible. We have helped businesses in Broward County, Duval County, and Miami-Dade County qualify for ERC for the first time or increase the amount they receive if you’ve already applied for the credit. Contact us today to find out how SUNRISE provides the ERC solutions you need.

Can I Claim ERC in Florida if I Already Got PPP?

Yes! The ERC program is now open to PPP Borrowers!

Our clients get more money with ERC than PPP—usually up to 700% more!

Congress first disqualified those Florida businesses which received PPP from qualifying from ERC. But they changed their mind! You can now get ERC if you receive PPP funds.

However, you can’t double-dip and count your PPP funds as wages. SUNRISE Business Solutions will ensure you count income properly if you received PPP1 or PPP2. 

Will this take a lot of work on my end?

No. SUNRISE Business Solutions makes it easy to see if you qualify for employee retention credit in Florida.

Only 60 seconds to qualify and 6 minutes to intake all your payroll files. We’ve helped literally hundreds of Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville businesses qualify for ERC. Our processes allow us to quickly identify which businesses qualify—and virtually all of them do. We also provide you with all ERC documentations and calculations with full transparency.

When will I receive my ERC check?

Once we have your information, we guarantee we will complete the application process in 5 days. We can process your payroll and reconcile PPP coverage overlap. Then we build out the attribution schedules and file your forms with the IRS.

Once they receive your paperwork, the IRS turns around in about 16 weeks to process and send you a check.

Does my Florida business qualify for ERC?

If COVID affected your business in any way, you qualify. And guess what? More than 99% of all businesses have been affected.

Here’s how Florida businesses file for ERC:

  1. You saw a significant decline in your quarterly gross receipts—50% or more decline in 2020 or 20% or more decline in 2021; OR
  2. You had a full shutdown due to a government order; OR
  3. You had a partial suspension of operations due to a government COVID order.

These are three separate, independent ways to qualify. If you had a partial or full shut down, you do not need to have a decline in revenue or receipts.

A partial shutdown can take many forms:

  • You couldn’t meet clients in person
  • You shut down a business unit or department
  • You limited the number of customers due to capacity reductions
  • You had to clean the office between customers
  • You socially distanced customers
  • You reduced your hours of operation
  • You transferred staff or had staff take on new roles
  • You couldn’t perform tasks while transitioning to remote work

Every office in the country had capacity restrictions—you qualify!

We can get ERC benefits for:

  • Daycares and other education institutions
  • Healthcare companies like dentists, physicians, psychologists, chiropractors, and many more
  • Retail stores (brick and mortar, carwashes)
  • Manufacturers
  • Construction contractors
  • Personal care businesses
  • Restaurants and fast-food joints
  • Transportation companies

Can I qualify if the pandemic interrupted my supply chain or vendors?

Yes! Many of our Florida business clients qualify for ERC under a partial shutdown because supply chain bottlenecks interrupted their business.

  • Did suppliers fail to provide critical goods or materials on time?
  • Were you unable to work with key clients or vendors?
  • Did clients stop purchasing from you because of a government COVID order?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you qualify!

Why didn’t my CPA mention ERC to me?

Many CPAs aren’t aware of the program. ERC isn’t a tax benefit, and CPAs handle mostly taxes. When CPAs have heard of the program, some of them provided clients erroneous information that they didn’t qualify when they did.

Interestingly, many payroll companies aren’t even aware of the ERC because it is a tax refund. They only handle your payroll deductions and don’t realize that the CARES Act created this stimulus program.

When do I pay back my ERC money?

Never! ERC is not a loan. It’s more like a grant—this is money you keep!

ERC in Florida is a refundable tax credit created by the CARES Act. The IRS sends a check to you, which is yours to keep and do with as you want.

This is your money! There are no restrictions on how you spend the money. With PPP, Miami businesses could only spend the loan on qualified expenses like rent and payroll. But the employee retention credit in Florida is different. This is money being paid back to you as a reward for keeping employees on the payroll during the pandemic. You deserve this money.

Can I afford Sunrise Business Solutions | ERC Guaranteed?

Yes. We charge for our services as a percentage of the credit you receive, depending on the number of qualified employees you have. You won’t owe us any money upfront. We provide our fee as part of a free analysis, so you know how much we’ll receive before we begin working on your file.

Given our expertise in this area, we typically get our clients 50-200% more than our competitors. Our fees pay for themselves.We also mail your check to you once we receive it, unlike the competitors who deposit it

When does this government program run out of money?

Funds are limited, and the IRS processes applications on a first come, first served basis. This means you must get your application in as soon as possible. Please don’t wait to request up to $26,000 per employee.

Can I really get more in ERC tax credits than I paid in business income taxes? Really?

Yes! Remember, the ERC is based on your payroll taxes paid, not income taxes. This refund from the IRS can often exceed what our clients paid in income taxes.

What is the process for claiming ERC for Florida businesses?

Here’s how Florida businesses file for ERC:

If you have a business in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, or any other county in Florida, you can apply for the ERC by reporting total qualified wages on your amended quarterly employment tax returns, Form 941x.

SUNRISE Business Solutions has simplified the process for you. We can download your payroll information and ask you to complete a questionnaire. Then we quickly identify whether you qualify for up to $26,000 per employee for employee retention credit in Florida.

Helpfully, the IRS extended the audit window. But you should quickly contact us today to get started.

I wasn’t fully shut down—do I still qualify?

Yes. Remember, there are three ways you can qualify for ERC tax credits in Florida. A full shutdown is only one way to qualify. There are others out there!

Our Miami-Dade clients can qualify under either a full OR partial shutdown. Partial shutdowns fully qualify for ERC credit.

I don’t know if my business was partially shut down to qualify?

When it comes to shutdowns, the only requirement is that a shutdown not be so minor as to qualify as “nominal.” If your business was impacted by a COVID government order—even indirectly—you can claim ERC in Florida.

My revenue didn’t decline, so am I eligible for ERC or not?

Yes. Revenue reduction is ONE WAY to qualify for ERC. It is not the only way. There is no requirement that you see revenue decline by 25% like you did with PPP-2.

If you can show there was even a partial interruption in your business due to COVID government orders, you can qualify. We have ALL THE ORDERS—there is no reason to guess whether you were affected or not. WE can review and check whether you qualify.

If I own a business, can my family members’ wages count for ERC credit?

It depends. If you own more than 50% of your business, your wages don’t qualify and the W2 wages of your employees don’t qualify either because you own more than 50% of the company.

If you own less than 50%, your W2 wages will qualify, and your immediate family members’ W2 wages count also.

Sometimes, two unrelated partners own 50% of a business. In this case, your wages would qualify as would the W2 wages paid to family members.

Don’t assume you can’t get ERC as a self-employed person. Contact SUNRISE today to learn more.

Do self-employed people qualify for ERC in Florida?

Possibly. It depends on whether you are the majority owner of your business (more than 50% ownership stake). If you are, then your wages don’t qualify.

Is ERC only for small Florida businesses?

No. The size of your business will determine what are “qualified wages,” which is limited if you are a large employer. But you are still eligible for ERC credit—and many large companies receive SUBSTANTIAL sums of money.

In 2020, you were a “large employer” for ERC purposes if you had more than 100 FTE employees. In 2021, you were a large employer if you had 500 FTE employees. And employers received more credit for the first three quarters of 2021—so it makes sense to quickly contact SUNRISE today to learn more.

How much will I pay in taxes on my ERC credit?

Nothing! The ERC is not income for the purposes of federal income taxes. However, you will need to reduce the amount you deduct for wage expenses. Remember to pass along this information to your CPA for tax purposes.

Call ERC Business Solutions today!

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