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Employee Retention Credit FAQ

Don’t guess whether you qualify for the ERC program. Read our ERC FAQ for additional information. Since ERC's introduction, our expert accountants have assisted hundreds of employers in filing and claiming the maximum ERC cash incentive they can get.

We Specialize in Risk Elimination for Our Client. We Protect You.


  1. 100% Risk Free.
  2. 100% Guaranteed backed by Berkshire Hathaway Insurance for Our Clients ERC
  3. 100% Qualify For All 6 Quarters Guaranteed
  4. Get Your Full 100+ Page Due Diligence Report of All Your Calculations and Government Orders
  5. 5-Star Google Reviews – We have the Most Reviews than All other ERC specialists combined

SUNRISE specializes in the Employee Retention Credit. As part of every engagement, we analyze your eligibility for both 2020 and 2021. We optimize your claim and help you remain compliant by preventing double-dipping with other tax credit programs. Moreso, we are the only specialist who provides clients with a full due diligence report consisting of 60-100+ pages of all your government orders and all your full calculations, and all this comes with our complete 100% guarantee unlike any other further backed by Berkshire Hathaway’s error and omission insurance for our clients’ ERC.

YES, PPP Borrows can Now get ERC.

ERC is also a better incentive than PPP. Typically 45% - 600% More Money.

Your business can now have PPP1 & PPP2 and ERC, however, special calculations around payroll wages and attribution are required as you cannot double-dip into the same payroll calculations. SUNRISE Business Solutions account when processing your ERC credit to optimize your ERC amount and is the only ERC specialist that provides these calculations and all required schedules to their clients in addition to all government orders too. 

SUNRISE gets You More ERC than both your PPPs combined.

On Average All of our Clients who received PPP have received More in ERC with US.

Get More ERC with US

We Make It Easy

60 Seconds to Qualify and 6 Minute Intake process to download all your payroll files. We Make it Easy.

After processing millions and soon billions in ERC we have perfected our process and qualifying to ensure your time is well spent and kept at a minimum. Our ERC process only requires a short 6-minute call with you to confirm your questionnaire responses, pull down payroll reports, and email you

Qualify Now

Our Experts guarantee in less than 5 days to complete it all. Process your payroll, reconcile any PPP covered period overlap, and build out the attribution schedules. We will then file your forms with the IRS who will take around 16 weeks to process your ERC and send a check back for each quarter you qualify.

Start NOW!

We Know How You Qualify. We Guarantee It!!!

We Specialize in Qualifying Companies for All 6 Quarters Guaranteed

If you were affected by Covid in any manner call and speak to our experts today to determine if you qualify.

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These are the most popular ways to qualify for the ERTC:

Here are some different qualifying questions that are important for us to discuss about your business. This allows us to qualify you in as many ways as possible. Essentially one is to think of all the ways your business has been affected by Covid directly and indirectly and not just in revenue but more so in operational changes. Even though we know how you have been affected given our experience, it's important for us to go through our protocol fully with each client.

Qualify Now in Just 60 Seconds!

Significant decline in quarterly gross receipts — 20% or more decline in 2021; 50% or more decline in 2020. 

Full or partial government shutdown — hindering more than a nominal portion of your operations such as cleaning and sanitizing; also consider your key vendors.

A partial suspension of operations can take many forms. Here are some common examples we see in businesses like yours:

  • A change in operations could mean extra cleaning or sanitizing, limiting capacity or reducing hours, installing/utilizing protective equipment, temperature checks, or operational impact related to key suppliers or customers.
  • unable to attend trade shows in-person (“travel or group meetings”)
  • had staff go from in-office to work-from-home and had an impact
  • retail or restaurant that reduced the number of customers allowed inside
  • closed down a department or business unit while other units continued to operate

Indoor Capacity Reductions

  • (Offices, Restaurants & Bars, Retail, Child Care & All Education, Health Clubs, Personal Care - Salons & Spas, Grocery Stores, Entertainment (Theaters, Museums, Amusement Centers), Sports Facilities, Healthcare Offices, Hotels & Banquet Halls, Manufacturing, Construction, Transportation & Warehousing) 

Supply Chain or Vendors Interruptions (Hospitals Not Doing Elective Surgeries, Not receiving parts and supplies on time)

  • Suppliers were unable to make deliveries of critical goods or materials
  • Inability to work with them
  • Inability to receive your supplies on time.
  • Even if the employer was an essential business exempt from government orders, did you experience supply chain and or vendor interruptions

Reduction in workforce or employee workloads

Reduction in services or goods offered to your customers compared to 2019

Any disruption in your business (a division of department closures)

Did your employees have to socially distance at work? 

Did your customers have to socially distance in your business (For Eq. Children Socially distant at Child care, Tables Separated 6 ft at a Restaurant)

Change in job roles/functions (To comply with safety and sanitizing and other Coid-19 measures, did your employees job functions change)

Tasks or work that couldn't be done from home or while transitioning to remote work conditions

Lack of Travel or Lack of Group Meetings or Inability to Attend Conferences & Tradeshows for Business

There are many ways businesses fully or partially suspended operations during each calendar quarter, and we help you document this as part of an engagement. If your business had to change operations due to governmental orders and which we have all of them, your business likely qualifies.

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While many industries were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, some sectors were particularly affected. The following trades or businesses saw significant disruptions in operations:

Health Care

Hospitals – Elective Surgeries
Medical Clinics
Doctors of all types
Nursing Care Facilities
All Therapists
Home Health Care
Outpatient Care
Dialysis Centers
Psychiatric & Mental Health
Medical Transportation
Elective Surgical Hospitals


Daycare & Child Care Centers
All Schools & Universities
All Trade Schools


Trucking & Buses

Manufacturing Industry

Construction Industry

Retail Stores

All Brick and Mortar
Car Dealers
Auto Repair
Car Washes
Dry Cleaners
Moving Companies
Furniture Stores
Appliance Stores
Grocery Stores
Liquor Stores
Personal Stores
Gas Stations
Clothing Stores
Jewelry Stores
All Department Stores

Accommodation & Food Services

Senior Living & Retirement Communities
Restaurants & Bars
Fast Food
Banquet Halls
Trade Show and Conference Organizers
Convention Centers
Country Clubs

Personal Care

Gym – Health & Fitness
Beauty Salons / Hair Salons
Massage Therapy Clinics - Spas
Nail Salons

Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation

Cinema, Theaters, Dance
Performing Arts Organizations
Museum & Amusement Parks
Bowling Centers
Sports Teams
Television, Movie, & Theatre Productions

Travel-Related Industry

Travel Agents
Tour Operators

Religious Organizations

Churches, Ministries, Temples


All types of Offices
Law Firms

Speak to a SUNRISE ERC Specialist Now

At SUNRISE we have the specific niche experience especially as this is a government incentive, which has allowed us to specifically focus to understanding and maximizing the ERC program. In our experience we have found that due to the complexity (the ERC tax code is over 200 pages) and time investment necessary to understand the ERC program, very few are able to effectively maximize this sizeable credit for your business.

We are the Only Specialist having E&O Insurance Guaranteeing your ERC a Success

Your ERC is 100% Guaranteed

The challenge is that the ERC money is a government incentive and a business owner needs to ensure they qualify by having a specialist who can have the utmost guarantee and full deliverables to their clients protection and understanding. 

We have found that some of our clients were told they weren’t eligible by their CPA and Payroll companies.

Payroll companies are not set up to handle the actual ERC process and none of them have any guarantee.

The application is taken on your payroll returns and not through your business income tax returns, which is what most CPA's handle. Because of this most CPA's don't process this credit, unless they process your payroll in house. This is also a big reason why this credit is so underutilized. Since CPA's don't typically handle it and they are the tax experts, it has mostly fallen in a middle ground where few are able to effectively process the credit. Interestingly, we receive a large portion of our clients from CPA referrals. 

Its not just about getting the money, but ensuring that you can keep it too. 

Your payroll company is set up to handle time and the basics of payroll taxes, keeping you compliant for everyday operations. The ERC arose due to the pandemic so it’s not a normal part of operations for businesses or payroll companies especially as this is a government incentive and proper documental support is a must. And determining eligibility is not that easy, the calculations for figuring out what you can claim are not as well, especially if you want to maximize that amount. So while they will have the information you need to run the calculations but making your you have all the government orders for your qualifications is most important. Payroll companies are not set up to handle the actual ERC process and non of them have any guarantee.

This is why No CPA and Payroll company can match our guarantee.

Speak to a SUNRISE Expert Now

NO, It’s Like A Grant.

You do not have to repay the Employee Retention Tax Credit. This is not a loan.

This program is not an "income tax credit" and not related to your annual business tax returns. It's a refundable tax credit from the CARES ACT received as a cash payment from the IRS. When we file your ERC claim it’s a refund check for you qualifying for Employee Retention Credit under the CARES ACT.

It is your profit. Unlike, PPP where you had to spend it on payroll, rent, mortgage interest, and other qualified expenses. Here, ERC is your money back to you, it’s your profit for the owner to take home, this is the purpose of the Employee Retention Credit, to reward business owners for retaining their employees during their qualifying periods

We have the Best 100% Guarantee in the Industry being the only ERC Specialist backing Clients’ ERC with Berkshire Hathaway’s Error and Omission Insurance guaranteeing your ERC a Success.

 Our service charge is based on a percentage of the credit recovered and differs based on how many qualified employees you have. We calculate and provide our fee with our free analysis. Since we are typically able to recover 50%-200% more than someone less familiar with the program, our fee pays for itself.

Get More ERC with Us

Like all government-funded programs, the funds for the ERC are limited, and based on a first come first serve basis. This is not a lending program - tax refunds are issued by the US Treasury. Therefore, all eligible employers will receive the funds when applied. However, every quarter the program is reviewed, so don’t wait.

We understand your refund check may not arrive for several months (16 weeks or more according to IRS documentation), so we offer several payment options - you may pay your fee upfront at a discount - or - the full fee can be deducted from your refund once received. Regardless our fee is covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If the IRS does not release the credit claimed for any reason, which has never happened to us, we will refund any payments made.

Remember that this program is taken according to payroll taxes paid, not on income taxes. ERC funds come as a refund check from the IRS.

Yes. We also offer a referral/affiliate program. To learn more Contact SUNRISE NOW

Start your free assessment with SUNRISE Business Solutions Now.

To claim the ERC, eligible employers report their total qualified wages on their amended quarterly employment tax returns (Form 941x).

The IRS has extended the audit window for this tax credit. Documenting your eligibility, qualified wages, and calculation is important and with SUNRISE Business Solutions you will also have a full copy of it all.

Remember there are three ways to qualify for the Employee Retention Credit. Government shutdown is only one way.

We Know How You Qualify. We Guarantee It!!!

Under the government shutdown criteria, a company can qualify for the ERC with a full OR a partial shutdown. Examples of partial shutdowns include cleaning and sanitizing, capacity restrictions and key suppliers that were forced to close. 

We at SUNRISE Business Solutions know if you qualify or not and for how many quarters

We 100% Guarantee you get the money and keep it too.

SUNRISE Business Solutions is your Greatest Advantage in Guaranteeing your ERC Success.

There is not a necessity for a 25% reduction in revenue like PPP-2 if you can demonstrate a partial interruption in business operations. There are many ways business fully or partially suspended operations during each calendar quarter, and we help you document qualifying partial suspensions as part of an engagement. This includes, for example, capacity restrictions on indoor dining, canceled trade shows and group meetings, and other interruptions that are non-nominal in nature.

If your business had to change operations due to governmental orders or if gross receipts declined by 20%, your business likely qualifies. A change in operations could mean extra cleaning or sanitizing, limiting capacity or reducing hours, installing/utilizing protective equipment, temperature checks, or operational impact related to key suppliers or customers. For example, a law firm may have no longer been able to do in-person court hearings or in-person depositions, and cases may have been delayed, even if the firm continued to operate.

Yes! There are two possible qualifications for 2020: revenue reduction, or a full or partial shutdown of your business due to COVID-19.

We Know How You Qualify. We Guarantee It!!! 

Specifically the IRS describes this as "A government authority required partial or full shutdown of your business during 2020 or 2021. This includes your operations being limited by commerce, inability to travel or restrictions of group meetings." Below are several examples of qualifying events:

Example 1: A restaurant must close or limit its on-site dining. Such as having to close down every other table, due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Example 2: A business that needs to meet with clients in person and has to cancel meetings due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Example 3: A business has to reduce their operating hours because COVID-19 restrictions and cleaning requirements. 

Example 4: A business had delayed production timelines caused by supply chain disruptions.

Example 5: A business with a planned event has to cancel that event, or restrict the amount of people who can attend due to COVID-19 restrictions

Maybe. Wages of owners who have majority ownership, defined as over 50%, do not qualify, nor do the W2 wages of any immediate family members of that owner who owns over 50%. In the case an owner has less than 50% ownership, their W2 wages qualify, as do the W2 wages paid to immediate family members. In some cases, two partners who are unrelated each own 50%, then both of their W2 wages qualify.

No, if you are majority owner (over 50%) of your company then your wages do not qualify.

Yes. While the definition of qualified wages is limited for large employers, you can still take advantage of the ERC if you paid employees that were either not working or were working reduced hours. Depending on the size of your company and the amount of qualified wages paid during the quarter, the ERC can still be substantial.

For 2020, a large employer is more than 100 FTE employees. For 2021, that threshold was increased to 500 FTE employees.

The ERC credit is not considered income for federal income tax purposes, but you must reduce any deductible wage expenses by the amount of the credit. Please provide the credit information to your CPA for tax purposes.