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About Us

Premier Employee Retention Tax Credit Firm Offering Specialized Services Related to the CARES Act.

Sunrise Business Solutions | ERC Guaranteed  is a tax accounting firm that specializes in government incentives and those specifically from the CARES ACT providing you with excellent, personalized expertise in tax accounting services designed to meet your unique needs in achieving government incentives. We provide you with the best, most up-to-date information about the CARES Act and other related legislation. We are experts in regulatory affairs, specialized in interpreting laws like the CARES Act.

Our ERC specialists provide proven, consistent, and successful results for ERC government relief programs and will help you navigate changes in COVID-19 and more so benefit from opportunities such as the Employee Retention Credit for businesses nationwide. If you need help claiming ERC for all 6 quarters. Call us now.

Your Trustworthy Team of ERC Specialists

Our team of professionals is built on the foundation of risk management, compliance, and finance for our clients. It’s not just about following the rules, but about understanding them and knowing how to use these rules when they change.

We have decades of combined experience in interpreting agency-level interpretations and implementation as set forth by the CARES Act, as well as providing services to clients who have questions or concerns regarding their compliance requirements.  We know how our clients qualify for ERC and ensure they are in full compliance guaranteed.

We have the experience that comes from overseeing countless clients’ applications from start to finish, and we’re ready to apply this knowledge to you. If you are looking to file for ERC, contact us today for a no-obligation ERC qualification assessment.

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Also Check our FAQs to know more about ERC.

Our Mission is to Help Every Qualified Business in The United States Receive the ERC Incentive.

SUNRISE’s mission is to strengthen and protect American businesses by helping U.S. companies and the CPA firms that advise them to take full advantage of federal and state tax credits, incentives, and deductions that are available to them. Our government has legislated these powerful programs to help businesses grow and successfully compete both in the U.S. and abroad.

  • To maintain and upgrade our knowledge continually in all aspects of this industry to financial management.
  • To make every effort to obtain information and an understanding of all that affects your economic or financial situation, goals and views.
  • To provide you with the full resources you would expect from a large accounting tax firm while maintaining that personal touch. We strive to offer innovative ideas and problem-solving abilities to enhance and broaden your personal and business success;
  • To respect your point of view, while assisting you to make informed decisions;
  • To keep our relationship strictly confidential in accordance with our privacy policy;
  • To provide you with the highest standards of work ethic with integrity, professionalism, reliability and courtesy

Highly Trusted ERC Experts

We are a team of experienced professionals who work together to provide our clients with quality accounting, tax, and consulting services. The Sunrise team spans a network of highly specialized professionals and Sunrise Business Solutions | ERC Guaranteed are proud members of professional affiliations in Government, Legal, and Accounting. We are proud to have long-standing relationships and partners with the Association of Government Accountants, the Government Finance Officers Association, the American Bar Association, Account Lawyer Alliance, the National Association of Safety for government orders and mandates, American Institute of CPAs, National Society of Accountants, National Associations of Tax Professionals, American Accounting Association, and the Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business and more.

Our Professional & Government Affiliations

We keep in the know of this ever-evolving industry. We’re proud members of the following:


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Meet Our Team

Nation’s Top ERC Firm at Your Service

Sunrise Business Solutions | ERC Guaranteed is the country’s leading expert in Employee Retention Credit. Our firm specializes in making your ERC 100% Risk Free Guaranteeing your ERC, while also strategically maximizing your ERC amount for small and medium sized businesses. We handle all the hard stuff, letting you focus on getting back to doing what you do best, while we do what we do best. Built on the core values of commitment to the customer, continuous improvement, and integrity, we are here to take all the guesswork out of maximizing your ERC. We provide the most advanced, value-for-money ERC assessment to small business owners across the United States. get in touch with us now, file fast, and receive ERC money for all 6 quarters.